What others think of us is important. Let's hear them out.

Mark Raming, Netherlands, Kruisland Eraze Software Solutions

Silver bullets do exist: We solved our update performance with very little development effort using by leveraging Entity Framework Extensions. Support is from another planet: Never in my 25-year career did I experience such prompt responses quality guidance and amazing turn-around times on bug fixes.

Marc Zabal, USA, Arkansas InstaNext Inc.

I would absolutely recommend your product. It is simple, cheap, effective.

Kimwan Ogot, USA, Minneapolis Magenic

That's really cool! I didn't actually expect you to build a new release in just a day, to be honest, but this is really awesome.

Stewart Menday, Australia, New South Wales HVCCC

We had a particularly large (500,000 entities) EF save operations that was taking about 12 minutes, this is now down to about 30 seconds.

Jerremy, Canada, Quebec 80dB

The first time we used your product (EntityFramework Extensions) was on our last project. It inserted/updated 10.000 records in speeds that kept the client very happy. And that without any configuration. We have a few projects that require large data modifications. While only one project currently uses it, we will start using it in more projects. The customer service was very good, we found a bug which was solved within a few hours. I’ve already recommended it to a few other developers ! It’s the easiest way to use Bulk-methods.

Moises Alejandro

EntityFramwork Extensions is a pretty amazing extension for quick inserting of large entities. That is insane. Thank you for providing us this extension

Eli Gassert, USA, Pennsylvania Healthmonix

As always I appreciate your response time and your dedication to keeping your software up to date.

Saket Sinha, Australia ACADER

Love what you have done. Your product has made our product 10 times faster :)