What others think of us is important. Let's hear them out.

Mark Raming, Netherlands, Kruisland Eraze Software Solutions

Silver bullets do exist: We solved our update performance with very little development effort using by leveraging Entity Framework Extensions. Support is from another planet: Never in my 25-year career did I experience such prompt responses quality guidance and amazing turn-around times on bug fixes.

Marc Zabal, USA, Arkansas InstaNext Inc.

I would absolutely recommend your product. It is simple, cheap, effective.

Kimwan Ogot, USA, Minneapolis Magenic

That's really cool! I didn't actually expect you to build a new release in just a day, to be honest, but this is really awesome.

Stewart Menday, Australia, New South Wales HVCCC

We had a particularly large (500,000 entities) EF save operations that were taking about 12 minutes, this is now down to about 30 seconds.

Jerremy, Canada, Quebec 80dB

The first time we used your product (EntityFramework Extensions) was on our last project. It inserted/updated 10.000 records in speeds that kept the client very happy. And that without any configuration. We have a few projects that require large data modifications. While only one project currently uses it, we will start using it in more projects. The customer service was very good, we found a bug which was solved within a few hours. I’ve already recommended it to a few other developers ! It’s the easiest way to use Bulk-methods.

Moises Alejandro

EntityFramework Extensions is a pretty amazing extension for quick inserting of large entities. That is insane. Thank you for providing us this extension

Eli Gassert, USA, Pennsylvania Healthmonix

As always I appreciate your response time and your dedication to keeping your software up to date.

Saket Sinha, Australia ACADER

Love what you have done. Your product has made our product 10 times faster :)

Robert J. McCarter Arapas Inc.

Thanks, Jonathan! And my words may be kind, but more importantly, they are true. Entity just doesn't work properly without Z!

Klemens Stelzmuller, Austria Beka Software

We started to use the EntityFramework Extensions in april 2015. It was quite easy to include them into our software. The first surprise was that our entity model could not be loaded successfully, the second surprise was the very, very quick and helpful support you gave! It was easy to solve all our questions, problems and wishes within days! Your product is useful whenever a user clicks save button in our application. The EntityFramework Extensions helped us to speed up save operations dramatically! We were very, very pleased with the customer support. There was no question, problem or wish, that was not answered AND solved within days! We think that’s very unique!

Every software that uses the EntityFramework and that suffers from long save operations can be sped up with the EntityFramework Extensions. It’s quite easy to include them and the support from ZZZ Projects is just outstanding!

Piotr Sybilski, Poland Centrum Astronomiczne

I had a previous experience with your demo, so no surprises. It simply worked with one small workaround, I had a problem with concurrent execution of queries sometimes crashing. I had to add some locks and now everything works. I added it to my data reduction and analysis pipeline which uses database to store and retrieve results.

I would recommend your product. It is simple, works out of the box and gives good results quickly, when there is not much time for sophisticate database and code optimizations.

Brian Bakkebo DekkPro

A big thanks for creating a great, useful and easy to use extensions. :)

Kasper Ibsen Hansen, Denmark Ditmer a/s

I have been working with .Net and C# the last 8 years and EF a little shorter. When I saw you product description I was very unsure that this could be real. Therefore I downloaded your dll and made some simple benchmark tests and was very surprised about the result. Minimal effort for big impact. Of course I ran into some minor problems, but your tech support were extremely fast helping me and pointing me in the right direction. We use your product on a single solution, but we use it all the time for all database submits, except for the of our tables that have database triggers.

I am very pleased with your customer support. You were very quick to help me and also to produce a new dll without the HoldLock

I would recommend it and already did it to my coworkers who are working on other projects.

Tariq dryrun, Canada, Edmonton

Thank you for the quick and elaborate response. That makes total sense.

Jason Schmidt, USA, Texas Empyrean Benefit Solutions, Inc.

I was happy with how closely it did what I needed . I haven't fully got it deployed / implemented, but it will be used very frequently. Thanks for all your quick responses and fixes.

I would recommend this product since it handles a couple of database scenarios that I've found other libraries shy away from!

Mark Raming, Netherlands Eraze

Whenever we consider a third party library or component for our software, we test the support from the vendor or community. With ZZZ Projects this has been a refreshingly good and positive experience: Without exceptions an initial response was always received within the day and in many cases with a solution. We did discover the odd bug that affected our use of the product, but these were quickly resolved and new (test) released provided. You really do have our back covered ?

Whenever we have to process more than a handful of entities, EF Extensions is our preferred product to make this perform well. This is head and shoulder the best product we found for this purpose and highly recommend others to consider this tool.

The key area that needs improvement in my opinion is documentation: This is incomplete and inadequate . Although this is mitigated in part by the excellent support, we would like to see complete documentation of the API with examples for each feature.

Eli Gassert, USA, Pennsylvania Healthmonix

I really needed a .NET-based bulk record processor. As a fallback, I was going to write a BCP process, but that's pretty tedious. I very quickly found Dapper Plus in my search, and it seemed to check every box I needed to check: performance and benchmark results displayed prominently and looked impressive; highly configurable library; well documented; actively being developed; bulk inserts and updates; open source; works on a variety of database types; and to top it off, very reasonably priced for our development team. A quick read through the documentation showed that Dapper Plus was useful, even for projects like mine where we weren't using Dapper Plus. Within an hour, I converted my existing ServiceStack OrmLite bulk insert into a Dapper Plus insert. However, I did end up having one small problem that couldn't easily be solved using the library. I emailed support to ask about my issue and see if maybe I was missing something. Not only did I get a response within hours, but they also released an update which consisted of extending the library pretty significantly for my use case within the week. Product and support, all in one. I couldn't have asked for more!

Jason Tower, Canada, Quebec MCAP

The surprising thing about your product was how easy it was to use, by simply replacing SaveChanges with BulkSaveChanges, it worked. I use it every day to save thousands of records to our database in seconds. You answered my questions and provided hot fixes in a very timely, professional manner. I would definitely recommend your product. If you want a fast and reliable way to save many changes to a database, your product is the only way to go.

Emilio Dolce, Italia, Napoli MICE s.r.l.

Thank you so much, Jonathan, I really, really appreciate your effort to resolve this problem!

Raymond White, USA, Maryland MTAG Services LLC.

Your support has been outstanding and your product is amazing!

Bryan Dunn, USA, Washington Next IT Corp.

Thanks for the prompt response!

Cihat Emre Akcay, Istanbul Polisan

SQL-day accelerated transfer operations, merging process was repeated prevent the recording of the products we can recommend in terms of ease of use.

Ahmed Razzaq Raiya Group

What a support! Glad to have business with you

Oka Sugandi, Indonesia, Bandung Sangkuriang Internasional

What a wonderful library you have. Thumbs up

Renatto Machado, Brazil SIAGRI

Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service!

Gheorghita Mihai, Switzerland VAT Group AG

I highly appreciate your fast replies.

Mohammad Reza Gorouhian

We've just fallen in love with bulk operations ease of use and performance.

Bartek Muszynski

I am involved in the development of a large data-gathering and analysis project. We have chosen .NET/C#/WPF as our implementation platform with a Postgres back-end database. After several months of development using a local database where performance was quite acceptable, we moved to a cloud-based database and performance dropped like a rock due to the significantly longer round-trip network time. This drop in performance rendered our application un-useable. After some frantic Googling, I discovered the C# Bulk Operations library for WPF by ZZZ Projects. For what I needed, it was literally a one-liner code change to make the library do what I needed it to do. As if by magic, operations which took on the order of 10 minutes went down to just a few seconds. Was I a happy camper? Yes, you bet! The few small problems that I did encounter were solved with lightning speed by the ZZZ Team. In all cases, a fix was released within 24 hours via NuGet. I have not seen such dedication to customer service in 25 years of being a software professional, so, yes, I was impressed with the support. Thank you, Jonathan, and the rest of the ZZZ Projects Team.